Faraz Nayyer

Faraz Nayyer

Faraz Nayyer

started his music journey with his elder brother Sam Nayyer, who is a great self taught guitarist, currently living in U.S.A.

Because of Faraz’s musical background, Faraz can now play Piano, guitar and drums.

Besides music Faraz loves to travel and discover new cultures and have been to many Asian countries.

In December 2010 the 1st titled song of “Door Nazron Se” of Faraz Nayyer as a playback singer was released in a telefilm PianoGirl on Hum T.v. The song was a super hit, which gave Faraz a lot of media recognition, locally and internationally.

Second song titled “Aa Paas Aa Jaan-e-jana” was released on Valentine’s Day in 2011 in a telefilm named “Love You Qasam Se” on Express Entertainment T.V Pakistan.

His first official music video was released on Valentine’s day 2012 titled “Door Nazron Se” which was title track of PianoGirl and played in some other Pakistani and Indian drama serials and telefilms.

Second music video was Charkha, it’s a sufiana kalaam by Baba Bulleh Shah this song was also a big hit and it was selected as Exclusive video on Aag T.V and it is still on air on Aag T.V, Ary music, Play T.V,Oxygen etc.

Faraz also took part in SUR KSHETRA and was selected in TOP TEN from PAKISTAN.

Faraz has currently finishined a project with NESCAFE BASEMENT Season 4 as a main Vocalist.

Sponsored a song titled “Aye Khuda” to charitable organization named “Shelter International” Voluntarily sing for a charitable organization named as “World Hope Organization” in charity shows in different schools and in their conferences

Awarded in 2006 in a Live talent hunt show named Rising Star
Pakistan Family Cultural Festival Award
Awarded in 2011 from Daily Pakistan.

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